Omni Innovation

Eve Investments holds a 38% stake in Omni Innovation. Omni Innovation creates unique and specialised medical nutrition products that can be used by people with chronic and lifestyle diseases. Omni's products are independently validated and supervised by Omni's expert collaborator network to ensure that customers have safe, effective and clinically tested products that provide benefit with scientific backing.

Omni Innovation has developed of a pre-meal drink for the dietary management of type 2 diabetes (T2D).  This flagship product, GlucoControlTM is a patented pre-meal drink which has been clinically shown to help manage T2D by reducing blood glucose spikes after meals.  In Australia the product is sold exclusively by Faulding® with GlucoControlTM distributed in up to 6,000 pharmacy outlets.

In September 2017, Omni completed a distribution partnership with Eagle Health (ASX:EHH) to supply and sell the diabetes pre-meal drink, Hutang 1, in China.  To date, Eagle Health have invested $3.1m and committed a further $5.7m for factory, warehouse and exhibition centre upgrades.

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