ASX Announcements

30th Dec Update on Omni Innovation Investment
28th Dec RGP: Refresh Invests in Technology Company
23rd Dec Appendix 3B
23rd Dec Prospectus
23rd Dec Reinstatement to Official Quotation
23rd Dec $1.6m Placement for Omni Innovation Investment
22nd Dec Net Tangible Asset Backing
14th Dec Withdrawal of Entitlement Issue
14th Dec Suspension from Official Quotation
12th Dec Trading Halt
9th Dec Notification of Rights Issue Shortfall
2nd Dec Omni Innovation Market Update
25th Nov Rights Issue Offer Document
22nd Nov Results of Meeting
22nd Nov Becoming a Substantial Holder
21st Nov Omni Innovation secures UK Distribution Deal
18th Nov Letter to Shareholders
16th Nov Appendix 3B
16th Nov Appendix 3B and Cleansing Notice
16th Nov Non-Renounceable Rights Offer
16th Nov Letter to Optionholders
14th Nov Net Tangible Asset Backing
10th Nov Reinstatement to Official Quotation
10th Nov Placement to Chinese Pharmaceutical and Investment Group
3rd Nov Voluntary Suspension
1st Nov Trading Halt
1st Nov Appendix 4C - Quarterly
1st Nov Appendix 4C - Quarterly
21st Oct Annual Report to Shareholders
21st Oct Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
21st Oct Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement
14th Oct Net Tangible Asset Backing
13th Oct EVE Investments Webcast on Omniblend Innovation
30th Sep Extension of Omniblend Innovation Tranche 2 Settlement
21st Sep New Study- GlucoControl Improves Long-Term Glycaemic Control
14th Sep Update on Omniblend Innovation
9th Sep Net Tangible Asset Backing
1st Sep Appendix 4E and Full Year Statutory Accounts
24th Aug Omniblend Innovation Enters into US Representation Deal
12th Aug Net Tangible Asset Backing
27th Jul Appendix 4C - Quarterly
14th Jul Net Tangible Asset Backing
12th Jul Omniblend Innovation Appoints Director of Sales & Marketing
8th Jul GlucoControl for type 2 diabetes named Product of the Month
5th Jul GlucoControl Momentum
10th Jun Net Tangible Asset Backing
31st May Appendix 3B and Change of Director's Interest Notice x 3
31st May Results of Meeting
13th May Net Tangible Asset Backing
12th May Exclusive Engagement Signed with OHC for Scandinavia
6th May GlucoControl Pre-Meal Drink Launched
3rd May Appendix 3B
29th Apr Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
26th Apr Appendix 4C - Quarterly
22nd Apr Omniblend Innovation Transaction Completed
15th Apr Net Tangible Asset Backing
1st Apr Extension of Omniblend Innovation Tranche 2 Settlement
1st Apr Change in Substantial Holding
31st Mar Med-Tech Executive Joins EVE Board
21st Mar Completion of $1.85M Non-Renounceable Rights Issue
4th Mar Net Tangible Asset Backing
1st Mar Half Yearly Report and Accounts
25th Feb GlucoControl Product Manufacturing Commences
22nd Feb Letter to Shareholders
18th Feb Fully Underwritten Rights Issue
18th Feb Prospectus
18th Feb Appendix 3B
18th Feb Letter to Optionholders
15th Feb Net Tangible Asset Backing
3rd Feb Investor Presentation - Omniblend Innovation Acquisition
2nd Feb Shareholder Update
29th Jan Appendix 4C - Quarterly
13th Jan Net Tangible Asset Backing
12th Jan Change in Substantial Holding
4th Jan Change of Director's Interest Notice x 2
4th Jan Appendix 3B

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