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Meluka Health

Eve now holds a 100% interest in Meluka Health after entering into a Share Purchase Deed to acquire the remaining 50% of Meluka Health that was not held by Eve.

Meluka Health is a wellness and nutrition company that develops and sells naturally derived, organic and ecologically pure products. Meluka Health is the parent company of the Meluka Honey, Meluka Essentials and Meluka Family brands which are all focused on producing high quality, natural and organic, ethical products to satisfy domestic and international markets.

Meluka Health has signed a Definitive Agreement with The Hydroponics Company Limited (“THC”) (ASX:THC) and Jenbrook Pty Ltd (“Jenbrook”), to grow cannabis on Jenbrook’s northern New South Wales Robyndale tea tree plantation. THC is a leading, diversified cannabis business with a focus on development and delivery of medical cannabis products and the manufacture and distribution of hydroponic equipment and has agreed to supply Meluka Health with Medicinal Cannabis for use in the production of its 100% owned Meluka Honey business (medicinal cannabis supply agreement). The Medicinal Cannabis will be grown by THC under a lease with Jenbrook over a portion of the Robyndale plantation (lease agreement).

THC are required to develop and fund the infrastructure necessary for the plantation of medicinal cannabis crops on the property including installation of necessary equipment for crop processing and the development of necessary intermediary processing facilities, subject to obtaining necessary licences and approvals. In return, Meluka Health will supply THC with Tea Tree Extract for use in the development of medicinal cannabis products (tea tree supply agreement). 

Meluka Honey hives are located in the heart of the Jendale tea tree plantation which is home to many diverse Australian botanical species.  This area is the original birthplace of the unique Melaleuca Alternifolia that has been growing for more than 30,000 years and is spread throughout the property, thriving in their natural state and supporting the health of bees and the unique and incredible medicinal honey they produce. To ensure a higher quality honey, the hives are not moved throughout the year.  This is unusual practice for the industry and means production capacity is limited to 100 tonnes per year though additional local, organic honey supplies have been secured from Bee Services Australia if required.

All Meluka Honey is proudly organic, single origin and raw with high levels of activity. The product range was launched in April and is now selling directly to consumers in Australia. Visit the Meluka Honey website at or via its social media channels on Instagram and Facebook.

Meluka Honey is passionate about improving and preserving bee health.  Initial research undertaken by Southern Cross University utilizing a patented extraction of tea tree leaf from Jendale has now been completed.  The research shows a very positive impact on the immunity of bee’s harvesting from the extract and development of a bee health tonic has now commenced for use in maintaining healthy bee populations.

Meluka Essentials is a newly formed Australian essential oils and extracts company.  A direct to consumer range of products is currently under development and is expected to launch in Q1 2019 to satisfy demand in a market that is expected to grow to nearly US12billion by 2022 (read the full report here).

Meluka Family is range of organic and natural health, hygiene and skincare products which contain Australian native essential oils and extracts.  An initial product range has been developed and is now undergoing testing with the aim of launching in Q3 2019.  With the organic and natural beauty and health market forecast to grow to nearly US22billion by 2024 this range represents significant opportunity (read the full report here).

ecoBotanicals, based in Alstonville NSW, is a TGA licensed and HACCP accredited contract manufacturer of organic products for an established client base.  Specialising in manufacturing organic, therapeutic products, ecoBotanicals has expanded its capability to manufacture honey and other bee products on behalf of Meluka Honey. 

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