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Medic Honey Pty Ltd
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Eve Investments has entered into a binding term sheet to acquire a 50% interest in Jenbrook Pty Ltd, an established organic essential oils producer.

Jenbrook is a certified organic tea tree farm based in Alstonville in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, Australia. It owns multiple assets across the production and sales value chain for organic essential oils, extracts, carrier oils (used to dilute essential and other oils prior to topical application) and hydrosols (distillate waters).  Jenbrook also owns the patented extraction technique utilised to produce its high potency tea tree oil.
Revenues are generated by Jenbrook’s contract manufacturing business, EcoBotanicals and its US marketing and distribution business, Naturally Aust Product Inc. 
Harnessing its established manufacturing facilities and US sales channel, Jenbrook is strongly positioned to expand its product range into the production of honey.  Meluka honey is produced by bees that pollinate on the nectar of the tea tree and is expected to have superior antibacterial properties to Manuka honey. 
In addition, Jenbrook is exploring the opportunity to develop a Medicinal cannabis honey. This product would be a unique premium honey product, produced by bees pollinating on the nectar of medicinal cannabis plants. Scientific validation of any active compounds in the Medicinal cannabis honey with potential health benefits will be explored in the coming months. 
Jenbrook also has strong links with the Southern Cross University which is conducting research in relation to the health benefits of the two new honey products. Jenbrook’s TGA license and compliant manufacturing facility will be a key advantage for the development and production of both the Meluka and Medicinal cannabis honey products.
In addition to the two new disruptive honey products, Jenbrook is exploring the potential to develop other new products based on the antibacterial properties of the active compounds in the Meluka honey product. 
Please refer to the Jenbrook website for further information.

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