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Eve Investments has announced its plans to acquire 100% of Jenbook Pty Ltd from Jenbrook founder and sole shareholder, Bryan Easson.  Jenbrook is an established, Certified Organic tea tree farm in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW Australia. It owns 100% of Jendale, a 1,147 acre old growth tea tree plantation, along with 100% of Robyndale a 1,000 acre plantation used in the production of organic tea tree oil for distribution throughout the U.S. and Europe. In addition, Jenbrook has a 49% holding in distributor, Naturally Australian Products LLC., a preeminent distributor of natural extracts and oils into the United States.

This acquisition is expected to bring strong operational synergies with EVE’s existing investment in Meluka Health and will provide an important strategic advantage by securing a vertically integrated supply chain for its unique organic raw honey products.

About Jenbrook

The Robyndale plantation is a 1,000 acre organically farmed tea tree plantation that produces raw tea tree oil and extracts that are then distributed in the U.S. by Naturally Australian Products. It also supplies organic tea tree products to third party international customers. Robyndale is situated at the heart of the ‘Bungawalbyn Valley Basin’, an area designated as the ‘origin of the tea tree species’.

The Jendale plantation is a 1,147 acre organic natural growth tea tree plantation which is harvested to solely produce a high potency tea tree oil. The raw materials from this plantation are used in conjunction with a patented extraction technique that accelerates the aging process of the oil to produce concentrated, active, therapeutic compounds, which are almost exclusively solely sold to Naturally Australian Products. Jendale is used as the primary harvesting location for Meluka Honey’s Bees and its botanical species are the basis for the unique honey products it produces.

Naturally Australian Products LLC ( is a U.S. registered and based marketing and wholesale distribution business that sells essential oils, carrier oils and hydrosols to an established and growing North American customer base. Founded in 2013 and based in California, Naturally Australian Products is currently undergoing a strong growth phase in an exciting and rapidly growing market segment.

The acquisition of Jenbrook will be an important step for EVE in terms of establishing a revenue base with tremendous growth opportunities and importantly it creates a strong working synergy with Meluka Honey and the opportunities being pursued with THC. By having ownership of the Jenbrook assets, EVE can exercise greater control over expansion plans for the Jendale plantations whilst EVE’s shareholding in NAP will assist with accelerated sales growth for both the Jenbrook and Meluka Honey suite of products.

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