ASX Announcements

21st Apr LNK: Change of Perth Address for Shareholder Purposes
21st Apr Update on Capital Raising
18th Apr Update on Capital Raising
13th Apr Net Tangible Asset Backing
10th Apr Update on Capital Raising
3rd Apr Update on Capital Raising
27th Mar Voluntary Suspension
23rd Mar Trading Halt
23rd Mar Omni Innovation - US Manufacturer Appointed
22nd Mar Omni Innovation Completes UK Licence Agreement
14th Mar Net Tangible Asset Backing
8th Mar Omni Innovation US Update
1st Mar Omni Innovation - US Patent Notice of Allowance Received
28th Feb Omni Innovation Update
28th Feb Half Yearly Report and Accounts
14th Feb Results of Meeting
13th Feb Net Tangible Asset Backing
30th Jan Appendix 4C - Quarterly
25th Jan Sales Results Exceed Expectations for Faulding GlucoControl
17th Jan Change of Director's Interest Notice
12th Jan Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
11th Jan Change in Substantial Holding
11th Jan Net Tangible Asset Backing

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